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Departed Souls

My Special Memories
Share your school stories & memories here. Tell us anything your heart desires!


Meenakshi Arora Werner
Memories: I have wonderful memories of the School, great clas mates and 
really good teachers.  Whatever I am today is thanks to Sr. Maria
Anthony, a wonderful person and a great teacher. I left namrup in 1977 after my 10th and have wanted to visit my school and township  ever since, but I guess Delhi is a long way.   So should any of you have pictures from  the School, Club, township Sector V, the river. market  etc etc.  I  would love to revisit  my growing years.   I look forward  to receiving some pictures and many thanks in advance.
Sultana Parveen
Memories: There are quite a few funny incidents that I remember. Here's
one for you all. I dont remember exactly which class we were in but that year Madam Sebastian was the geography teacher and Sir George was our english
composition teacher. Our geograhy syllabus that year had topics like isicles, volcanoes, gorges, canyons etc. So one fine day, during the period interval one of my classmate entered the teacher's common room with a book in hand. I happened to enter the same room after few minutes to talk to another teacher. In the common room, I saw Madam Sebastian telling this classmate of mine in a hush hush voice -"Ssshh. Say Sir George and not George". This classmate would then repeat -"No Ma'am. What is George? George! George". And Madam would repeat again with her motherly instincts - "I understand. I understand. But say Sir George. Not George. Its bad manners. Sir will be hurt if he hears you. Say Where is Sir George". I was there listening to their conversation going in loop for about 2mins and then I couldnt help but burst into laughter. I had to interrupt them. I said - "Madam I think he is talking about Gorge (pronounced as in GO) and not Sir George" Hearing me my classmate repeated - "Yes. Yes, What is Gorge not George!!" and Madam replied - "Oh. OK. Now I understand what you are talking about. But dont say George again say Sir George".

I still have the visual memory of that incident, the way Madam was trying to teach some manners to this classmate and the way my friend was trying to make Madam understand the subject. A smile pops up on my face when I remember it. I know my friend is doing fine and I hope Madam Sebastian is in good health and doing fine as well.

Gautam Banerjee
Memories:  I was enrolled in st.mary school at naharkatiya for my kindergarden studies. later on may be since my class 1 we had a branch of the school opened at namrup. the school was just behind our type 4 i had the protection of my elder brother and his friends, and also my circle of friends like timir goswami, abhijit sharma, we were the most notorious of the whole lot. we made our teachers convinced that we had the potential to be another sunil gavaskar, viswanath so that a proper cricketing kit with mat is purchased. that was done. but as our teachers had very little knowledge of cricket, so they were more interested in making us perfect on the every afternoon we used to practice marchpast instead of the real game. we did well in the marchpast, but in the match which we played against donbosco dibrugarh, we created a meet record . model school all out- 3 runs, batting second, and donbosco scored 96 runs.but that was great fun 1975 was the year and i was a student of class 6. i have many memories to write so if any ex student wants to interact with me i shall be highly pleased. wish all my friends are doing well in their life, and my best wishes to all my modelians of namrup.
Somujjwal Dutta Saikia
Memories:  Hello everyone...
I was in Model School for 12 incident-filled years from '87 to '99. In fact, Timir Goswami, mentioned in Mr.Gautam Bannerjee's anecdote was for a brief while my teacher. My so-called anecdote has a lot to do with Timir Sir. I found my first-love in school itself at the tender age of 13-14. We both loved each other, though none of us had the courage to say it out aloud. I will not name the girl. Lets give her a fictitious name Pooja. Timir Sir taught us Social Studies for a brief period during Class 10. He, with his debonair, arrogant and flamboyant ways, was everyones favourite right from Day 1. One day, Timir Sir was bestowing on us a few lessons to guide us through life. He told us boys "Never fall in love with anyone your age. You will need quite a few years to get established. And your love will become an old woman by that time. She will never wait for you." All of us were pondering over this when he asked the whole class." Name someone from this class who is sure to be successful in life." Everyone pointed at me. Timir Sir gave a withering sort of glare at me. He then pointed to Pooja, my love, and said " Stand up, young lady.
This guy will be fully established by the time he is 28 - 30. Are you prepared to wait for him that long?" Poor Pooja! she stammered and stuttered and turned a deep shade of vermillion right down to her pretty little feet. She looked at me like a dying duck. I could not help her much as my condition wasnt a great deal better. And all the time, Timir Sir was bullying her, saying " Tell me! Tell me!". Ultimately , she managed to croak out a "No", which broke my tender heart into a thousand little pieces. And throughout the duration of this painful episode, the entire class, cognizant about our feelings for each other, were in hysterics. It was all they could do to not roll around in the aisles.Let me clarify that we, me and Pooja, did go on to declare our love for each other. We had a sweet little relationship which lasted for about three years. After that, we kinda fell apart. But she reamins my first love. And the first love is not easily thrown out of the mind.
I am now a software engineer in Gourgaon and chances of revisiting my alma mater seem bleak. But those were the memories I still cherish as the fondest.

Samudra Gupta Kashyap

Memoriesi belong to the original first batch of my dear old school, having joined st mary's convent, naharkatiya in 1965, and then transferred to namrup when the erstwhile kg school was rechristened and upgraded to fci model school in 1969. three of us from the original 1965 batch -- myself, achar singh jaswal and neerja pahwa -- survived till 1975 when we (a six-member batch) took the high school leaving certificate exams. the other three were george sebastian, niranjan barua (who joined st mary's naharkatiya in 1966) and sunita das kapoor. memories of our good old school, which shaped me and hundreds of us, are all fresh in my
mind, and i bet i can write 50 books with those fond memories. the best story i ca tell you at this moment is: when i went to admit my daughter vaishali in the little flower school in guwahati, the headmistress was mother mary rose, who, as sister mary rose was the headmistress when i got admitted to st mary's convent, naharkatiya!! let us all keep ! in touch.

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